The Marin Art & Garden Center (MAGC) is private property open to the public and dedicated to the preservation and stewardship of the arts, horticulture and conservation. Please help us to preserve and protect this local treasure by observing the following guidelines:

general etiquette

  • Observe signs / cordoned off areas where events and horticultural work may be in progress. Be aware of your surroundings and watch your footing; you may encounter natural hazards such as tree roots, uneven ground or gravel paths.
  • Keep your personal items with you at all times; MAGC cannot be held responsible for missing items.
  • Do not pick flowers, walk in the planted beds, climb trees or remove plant labels.
  • Do not wade in or throw foreign objects into the Fountain Pond or Kittle Creek.
  • Keep children under supervision at all times for their safety.
  • Clean up after yourself; take your waste with you or make use of trash and recycling receptacles throughout the grounds.
  • Smoking is only permitted 20 feet away from building entrances; butts should be taken with you.
  • Respect any private events that may be taking place at MAGC during your visit (e.g., weddings) and avoid those areas until the event has ended.


  • Keep dogs on a leash at all times when on the MAGC property.
  • Clean up after your dog; waste disposal bags are located near the Gazebo lawn and the Stratford Gardens and trash receptacles are located throughout the grounds.


  • Taking photos with cameras and smart phones while visiting the Gardens is permitted (informal “vacation style” pictures).
  • Commercial film and photography is by appointment only; specific guidelines and variable rates apply.
  • Professional photographic equipment, (lights, reflectors, props, costumes, models), are prohibited except with a Photographer Waiver (small shoot) or Commercial Photography Agreement.
  • Do not stand or sit in any garden bed for photos, etc.
  • Photos and videos taken at MAGC are not to be sold or used for any commercial purposes without a signed waiver.


  • Be respectful of other visitors and events and mindful of the Garden pathways, steps, and planting beds when sketching and painting in the Garden; keep walkways clear.
  • Do not dispose of used water or any other artist materials while at MAGC.
  • Do not move MAGC chairs and benches.

garden tours

  • Check in to the main office for information on booking a docent-led tour.

meetings and gatherings

  • Formal/informal groups or parties are not allowed to hold meetings, weddings, memorial services or picnics at MAGC without advance space rental.
  • Visit the main office for more information or call (415) 454-1301.

Thank you for taking care of this beautiful community treasure. Enjoy your visit!