The preschool on the MAGC grounds makes the most of the 11 acres here. You’ve probably seen the children doing their best to walk in a nice straight line on their way to visit some corner of the gardens. Last year the school held its first-ever exhibition of student art, turning our multi-purpose room into a gallery for a few days in May. The students are hard at work preparing for this year’s show, studying the work of other artists, and creating masterpieces of their own. The class trekked across to The Studio to take in the Betty Wilson exhibition, which they clearly found inspirational. As they have been discussing concepts of shape, color and composition, these paintings were a perfect fit with the lesson plan. Before heading over, the teachers looked through the exhibition catalogue with the class, and the kids were absolutely amazed to find the very same pictures hanging in MAGC’s Studio!

Enjoying the Betty Wilson exhibition
An artist at work
Artwork from last year’s Garden School Exhibition

This year, the students will be able to display works of sculpture in their own exhibition. The ceramics instructor at Marin Catholic High School, Mark Jaeger, very generously visited the class to help them create art following the theme of GROWTH. Each child made a nest out of clay and filled it with eggs; you can see from the photo how some students made many eggs, some only a few, some bigger, some tiny. Mark took the pieces to be fired, and now the children will glaze them to make them even more distinctive and beautiful. We are so grateful to Mark for working with our budding artists, and encouraging them to keep creating.

Mark Jaeger showing the class how to work with clay
Ceramics in action
Eggs in nests