In addition to the owl family featured in the last newsletter, MAGC hosts a remarkable array of birds throughout the year, some calling Marin home, others just passing through. The raucous scrub jays and crows keep up a racket all four seasons, and from time to time the crested Steller’s jays join us here as well. A pair of red-shouldered hawks nests in one of the redwoods at the eastern edge of the grounds, and you can sometimes hear their warning shrieks as they chase off the crows, who’d steal an egg for lunch if they could. Hummingbirds live up to their name as they buzz through the flowering beds; both Allen’s and Anna’s hummingbirds particularly favor the brightest of blooms. On May 14, we are hosting the Marin Audubon Society’s Spring Birds and Their Songs in the Garden walk, led by Meryl Sundove and Roger Harris. Visitors will have a chance to listen in on some of our spring visitors and year-round residents, and learn more about their songs.