We appreciate all that our visitors do to help keep MAGC a green business. We’ve been taking steps to align all our events and activities with these environmentally-conscious goals, and we’re delighted to announce that all caterers approved to work here are now certified Green Businesses as well. To be eligible as a Green Business, our caterers must “demonstrate continuous compliance with applicable environmental regulations, conserve energy, water, and other materials, implement sound environmental practices that prevent pollution and waste generation, and share environmentally responsible practices with other businesses in our community.” On site at MAGC, this means they understand how to properly sort recycling and compostable waste after an event, and use materials that don’t generate unnecessary landfill. We’re so proud of each of our partners who have gone the extra mile to get certified, their commitment benefits us all.

A Fork Full of Earth
Carrie Dove Catering
Classic Culinaire
Debbie Ghiringhelli Catering
Il Davide
Park Avenue Catering
Paula LeDuc
Sage Catering