MAGC’s second annual Conservation Night, on July 19, was another great success! Buoyed by the harmonies of Happnstance, our Summer Concert performers, our guest host Supervisor Katie Rice welcomed local conservation organizations Cool the Earth, One Tam, the Marin United Nations Association, Wisdom Supply Company, Wildcare, the Environmental Forum of Marin, Marin Sanitary Service, and YardSmart Marin. We hope that your interest in these environmentally friendly themes is not confined to one afternoon, of course. For example, you can join us and YardSmart Marin in finding alternative ways to control rodent pests. Rodenticides and other poisons are toxins that travel up the food chain, affecting important predators such as owls, foxes, and hawks. Here at MAGC we work to block off any access point where rats and mice can enter buildings, and keep all foodstuffs sealed up. We also rely on our owl box, courtesy of our partnership with the Hungry Owl Project, a Wildcare program, since our barn owl tenants are some of the most effective rodent control there is!