DATE: April 23, 2020

TIME: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

LOCATION: The Studio

COST: $15 includes wine reception

Book Passage will have copies of Grow What You Love so you can purchase your own right at the event!

Local author, Emily Murphy, joins us to share inspiration from her book Grow What You Love, a book designed to change your cooking and your life. We’ll be taking a closer look at her final chapter, Follow Nature, Harvest, and Continue Growing, where we’re invited to rethink companion planting.

The secret to growing more in less space is to follow nature. If you look closely at any healthy living system, you’ll find diversity: plants of different kinds rubbing shoulders, good bugs and bad, a variety of birds and likely a crowd of creatures you don’t recognize – but they’re part of the puzzle too. When we design a garden as a slice of life, the rewards go beyond a coveted bouquet of basil or a colander of tomatoes.

–Emily Murphy

Emily Murphy is the author of the best-selling book, Grow What You Love (Firefly Books), and is an organic gardener, designer, and garden mentor. She studied ethnobotany, environmental science, and garden design, and pursues a plant-driven life fueled by inspiration from the simple act of growing. Emily is also the creator of the celebrated blog Pass The Pistil, and dedicated the last 10+ years to garden education. Emily has appeared on NBC’s TODAY Show, The Marilyn Denis Show, and her writings can be found nationally and internationally in publications such as Reader’s Digest Canada, Pacific Horticulture Magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, Mother Earth News, The North Coast Journal, and Better Homes & Gardens.