DATE: July 25, 2019

TIME: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Erik Schramm has spent his entire life either as a musician, working with musicians or working where musicians hang out. Erik is a Bay Area native that has been touring the U.S. with the band Pop Rocks and Super Diamond. He performs often in San Francisco with artists Bonnie Hayes, Brandi Shearer, Clay Bell, Matt Verba and Strip Club. He also does sessions for songwriters, commercials and independent films. His playing is a mix of pop, blues, funk, rock and a taste of country for good measure.

In the late ’90s he formed the act Tainted Love, which covered hits of the ’80s and more, then on to Super Diamond, a Neil Diamond tribute act, and the band played big rooms in Las Vegas as well as many corporate events. That was 1999 and that was the last time Schramm was not a full-time performing musician. The gig also led to a studio collaboration called “Palace of Tone” with Bonnie Hayes of the Wild Combo fame, which then turned into session work as a guitar player. The last eight years his act has been primarily “Pop Rocks,” a touring dance and cover band that also plays big rooms in Vegas opening for some of the ’80s legends.

Erik has put together the Schrammtastics with some of his friends who happen to also be some of the best musicians in the Bay Area. The Schrammtastics play classic covers that everyone can dance and sing along to.

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