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Steven Schwager has been with Marin Art & Garden Center since mid-2018. Read more about Steven here.

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with the Garden Team

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed our Rose Care Video. We got several questions about how much to water roses, particularly a rose in a container.

Roses love water, but rather than how much you water, focus on how you water: give a deep soaking early in the morning (when breezes tend to be low), and check how moist the soil is at the day’s end. If the soil still feels damp to the touch, you don’t need to water again. This holds true both for roses in the ground and those in containers.

We also got a question about which fertilizer promotes strong color in rose petals. The magnesium in Epsom salts helps with dark green healthy leaf growth and rich color in the blooms. Take a look at our Rose Care Calendar to guide you in when and how much to use.

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