Regina Ellis has been a house manager at MAGC for nearly two decades. Regina is a second to none when it comes to keeping events running smoothly, right down to the smallest detail. As she works so closely with our caterers, Regina has been one of the key staff helping MAGC to sort waste and keep recyclables out of the landfill. She keeps a close eye on the colored bins and directs catering staff and guests on what goes where, even delving into the trash to retrieve an errant recyclable. We know how confusing it can be; for example, did you know that you need to put so-called compostable cups and cutlery into the landfill bin here? Our local composting facility does not accept these items because they break down much too slowly. Regina’s tireless efforts not only help get everything where it needs to go, but to get everyone to do their part—we’re all always learning. Thank you, Regina, and may you never need to climb into the dumpster again!