When you think of lovebirds, owls may not come to mind; spend a little time watching the MAGC owl cam, though, and you’ll get a whole new view of romance. In partnership with the Hungry Owl Project, now a division of WildCare, we host an owl box on the grounds that has a live video stream during the months it is occupied, so you can watch a Barn owl couple as they raise a family from eggs to fledglings. Barn owls are one of several species that call Marin home, and they more than earn their keep by serving as highly efficient pest control. In the four months that it takes to bring up a nest of owlets, the family will consume some 3,000 rodents! If this kind of effective, natural pest control appeals to you, you can purchase an owl box of your own through the Hungry Owl Project, pick it up right here at MAGC, and bring the love home.