Dedicated readers of this newsletter may recall that we reported on MAGC’s “trash audit” from May 2017. Marin Sanitary Service examined our large landfill dumpster and found that nearly 75 percent of what we were throwing away could actually be recycled or composted! Since then, we have been working to make it easier for everyone here to divert materials away from the landfill, putting out more and better labeled recycling containers, signs, and explanations. We appreciate your help, which seems to be working: the proportion of materials in our landfill bin that could be diverted to recycling or compost has dropped to 35 percent! Thanks to everyone who took a moment to drop your bottles in the recycling bin, or toss your apple core in the compost. Look out for additional bins in our restrooms in the near future: paper towels are compostable, so we will have a dedicated bin for them that you can use.